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G-pack version: 2002.08.15

[Main Features]: G-pack includes a series of web-based Java game programs that can be used for your web site. These programs are completely customizable. For example, you can turn your family photos into online puzzles, memory games, slot machines or classical breakout arcade games. This package also includes two bonus chess games (iic and vcc). Online HTML code configurators are also provided for easy testing and installation. Use a web browser and open the HTML file in each subdirectory. To get the latest version of these programs, check out the website at: "The J Maker" at

[Program Listing]:
Program Version Description
recover 2002.04.04 a photo puzzle
photobreakout 2002.02.22 a photo breakout game
nconnect 2002.04.22 an N-objects-in-a-row game
CardFun21 2002.05.16 a customizable Black Jack card game
SlidingPuzzle 2002.04.20 a photo sliding puzzle
LaserEyes 2002.06.30 a fun shooting game
PhotoSlotMachine 2002.02.22 a photo slot machine
pickfinal 2002.02.22 a pick-final-object-to-win game
matchit 2002.08.15 a picture matching game
sprites 2002.02.22 a multi-sprite animator
iic 2002.02.22 international chess
vcc 2002.02.22 Chinese chess

[Download and Installation Guide]: Be sure to read our FAQ 1 about license agreement before you use this program. Download and uncompress the file under your web directory. Use a web browser to open G-pack.html and view each online demo. Each directory contains a different program. You can open the file with HTML extension in each subdirectory and copy the code segemnt between starting and ending APPLET tags into your desirable HTML file.

[More Package Info]:
  • File Description:
  • G-pack.html - this file
  • G-pack-README.txt - a brief readme file
  • folders containing individual programs