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matchit version: 2002.08.15

<-- game area background color: R G B --> <-- main panel background color: R G B --> <-- main panel foreground color: R G B --> <-- button background color: R G B --> <-- button foreground color: R G B -->

[Main Features]: This Java applet implements a fully configurable picture matching game. Test your memory with your favorite images.

[Execution Tips]: Click on one photo first and then click on the second one. If they match, both will disappear. Otherwise, they will fold again. To start a new game, click on the 'New' button. Click 'Show' to give up.

[Download and Installation Guide]: Be sure to read our FAQ 1 about license agreement before you use this program. Download and uncompress the file under your web directory. You can use the configurator in the next section or do it by yourself as follows:
Use a file editor (e.g. WordPad) to open matchit.html and copy the code segemnt between starting and ending APPLET tags into your desirable HTML file. Supply your own photos and type in their filenames. If you have a game, say, 4 rows and 5 columns, with each photo 50 x 50, you will have a display area 5 x 50 wide and 4 x 50 tall. Remember to add 15 to width and 70 to height for the display area. So, you should set applet 'width' to 265 and 'height' to 270.

[Parameters and HTML Configurator]:
Parameter Value Description
regcoderegistration code
delaypause between moves in milliseconds
cardbackimage file on the back of the cards
winfilewinning audio filename
clickfileclicking audio filename
gamebggame background color: R G B
panelbgpanel background color: R G B
panelfgpanel foreground color: R G B
buttonbgbutton background color: R G B
buttonfgbutton foreground color: R G B
linkto'|' seperates gameover URL and target frame
* fill in "none" for URL if you don't want to link to anywhere
* target frame options are as follows
_self = current frame
_parent = parent frame
_top = top-most frame
_blank = new unnamed top-level frame
x = new top-level frame named x
rownumber of rows for the game board
colnumber of columns for the game board
gridwidthwidth for each grid cell
gridheightheight for each grid cell
TitleTexttext string for the title
NewGameTexttext string for starting a new game
SolvePuzzleTexttext string to show answers
MovesCountTexttext string to show move counts
RecordTexttext string for the best record
FinishTexttext string for gameover
totaltotal number of photos
width for each photo
height for each photo
setup for all photo filenames

Auto-generated code to be inserted into your HTML page:

P.S. Copy all necessary *.jar, *.class, images (e.g. *.gif or *.jpg), and data files (e.g. *.txt) to your web directory and embed the above code into your own HTML file.

[More Package Info]:
  • File Description:
  • matchit.html - this file
  • matchit.jar - matchit program classes
  • matchit*.au - sample audio files
  • matchit*.jpg *.gif - sample photo files