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Time To Say Goodbye To The Perfect Company!

On October 3rd , Anchor Bay Entertainment bids adieu to the most outrageous roomies of all-time with Three's Company- Season 8 on DVD. The TV series that jiggled its way into the hearts of America soon became an Award - winning hit and a weekly reminder that farce was alive and well and living on the beach in sunny Santa Monica . This wild 8 th season set (coming out as the series has its high profile 30 th Anniversary) is packaged into a fun 4 disc set containing all 21 episodes, including the tearful double length last episode.

Based on the British series Man About the House, Three's Company had fun with changing sexual attitudes and mores, and remains a colorful snapshot of the times and a laugh out loud funny pop culture phenomenon. The story of an amorous young chef named Jack Tripper (John Ritter, 8 Simple Rules), who shares a tiny beachside apartment with two very smart and sexy women, Janet (Joyce DeWitt, Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of Three's Company) and Terri (Priscilla Barnes, The Devil's Rejects), who lead Jack into a wacky barrage of sly and saucy misunderstandings. Along the way, the platonic threesome have to deal with the raised eyebrows of their not-too-hip landlord, Mr. Furley (Don Knotts, Andy Griffith Show) and their swinging bachelor neighbor, Larry (Richard Kline, Inside Schwartz).

Three's Company-Season 8 contains some of the late John Ritter's best work and a revealing featurette that pays tribute to his masterful performance skills with physical comedy and melodrama. This season contains the episode “Friends and Lovers”- the final episode of the series! It remains one of the best-remembered by fans and the show that would introduce a spin-off starring Ritter.

Special Features:


John Ritter: Working With a Master

Usted Habla Three's Company?

Best of Jack, Janet, Terri, Larry, Mr.Furley




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