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FOL Activism
Help get the show back on the air!

Like you, fellow fans of The Facts Of Life, I'm frustrated by the fact that the show does not air anymore. When Nick At Nite aired the show, The Facts Of Life was introduced to a whole new generation of young girls and sitcom fans of all ages. The Facts Of Life has a devoted fan following and deals with issues that are still relevant today. With 209 episodes in total and the recently aired reunion movie, which garnered nearly 12 million viewers, I think you'll agree that The Facts Of Life deserves to be aired on a daily basis on one of the many cable channels that cater to classic TV and/or a young or mostly female demographic. This is why I have created this page. Please stop by whenever you can and take a few moments to contact the following cable networks that might have an interest in airing our favorite 80's sitcom.

Cable Network Contact Information

Please be polite and respectful when emailing, be sure to say how much you love The Facts Of Life and that you would watch it everyday if they put it on their channel!


TV Land
One little episode of FOL a day does not seems like too much to ask for! Does it?
Email 'em at:

Some former NAN shows are showing up on this channel. Good possibility.
On their website, click "FEEDBACK" near the bottom of the page:

Hallmark Channel
They aired it once, why not again? Click on "FEEDBACK" near the bottom of the page.
Hallmark Suggestions Form

Airs Nancy McKeon's The Division and her many TV movies. Airs Golden Girls and Designing Women, both female oriented shows based around 4 central characters! Sound familiar? I think this is a strong possibility. Click on "WRITE TO US" near the bottom of the page.
Lifetime Feedback

ABC Family
Airs lots of old sitcoms and family oriented programming. ABC did air the reunion!
Email 'em at:

Women's Entertainment
This one used to be called Romance Classics. They might have changed their name so they can offer more types of programming.
Email 'em at: Send us an e-mail

Disney Channel
Disney aired the reunion on the Wonderful World Of Disney. They also aired Growing Pains before and after their reunion. Seems like a good fit with their family programming.
Digging through their site, this member services email is all I could find. Let me know if you find a better email address.
Email 'em at:

Family oriented programming. Maybe?
PAX Feedack Form

They used to air FOL when it was first in syndication. They also air reruns of Living Single right now! Maybe?

Women's oriented programming, maybe?
Click on CONTACT US at bottom of page.


Nick At Nite
Not likely, but hey, some complaints won't hurt.
Email 'em at: I haven't found their email address yet, stay tuned!

E! Entertainment Television
You never know!


Any other suggestions? Please let me know.




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