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Theme Songs

Lots of people have been requesting the theme songs, here they are:

Season 1 Theme - Sung by Charlotte Rae
Season 2-6 Theme - Sung by Gloria Loring
Season 7-9 Theme - Sung by Gloria Loring


Desktop Theme

Download The Facts Of Life Theme #1

Includes wallpaper, icons, color scheme, cursors and sounds. The file is a self installing executable file. I also highly recommend downloading the freeware program Desktop Architect with it.

Desktop Architect

This program allows you to easily change the options in the themes you download. I often find that I download a theme, install it and the color scheme is too dull or too bright for my taste. This program allows you to customize any theme to your liking. It's also free!

Click this button to get the program:

Another theme will be available soon that includes different sounds, wallpaper and color schemes. A better one, hopefully!



Download The Facts Of Life Screensaver #1

A FOL logo in the background with a spinning 3D cube of cast photos. A self-installing executable file.



FOL Wallpaper #1

This is the same wallpaper included in the desktop theme. It is a collage of framed cast pictures.

FOL Wallpaper #2

This wallpaper has a sort of Brady Bunch theme, very nice with all four girls and Mrs. Garrett.

FOL Wallpaper #3

In tribute to the Facts Of Life Reunion movie, here is a brand new wallpaper for your desktop. Features a collage of recent images of the Facts Of Life actresses.

To save the wallpaper, right click on the image and select "Save As..." or "Set As Wallpaper"




Download Icon Set #1
Includes (5) purple Eastland era Jo, Blair, Natalie, Tootie and Mrs. G icons.

Download Icon Set #2
Includes (5) black & white Over Our Heads era Jo, Blair, Natalie, Tootie and Mrs. G icons. 

Download Icon Set #3
Includes (5) full color Eastland era icons.

I recommend MicroAngelo to install, organize and edit your icons and cursors:




Download FOL Sound Pack 1

Includes (8) .WAV sounds:

  1. Jo - "In a minute you're gonna be wearing flared teeth."
  2. Jo - "What's that? Slumming builds character?"
  3. MrsG - "Face it Blair, you're just about perfect in every way."
  4. MrsG - "Would you girls care for a bowl of Meow Mix?"
  5. Natalie - "She's a breath of fresh air isn't she?"
  6. Natalie - "Just in time for the good stuff."
  7. Tootie - "We are in trou-ble!" (the classic line!)
  8. Arnold - "Those girls? I'd laugh but I've made previous plans to throw up."



Download Stacy Q's "Two Of Hearts"
Featured in the episode "A Star Is Torn"
4.3 MB MP3

Download Stacy Q's "We Connect"
3.9 MB MP3

Download El Debarge's "You Wear It Well"
Featured in the episode "Doo-Wah"
5.5 MB MP3

To listen to these files, I highly recommend downloading Winamp. It's a good, free player and customizable with many skins.


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